Toggle White background in Drawings

VBA macro to toggle white background in drawings

Author: Eddy Alleman

On the SolidWorks forum someone asked how to make a macro that toggles between the default drawing background color and a white color.

The goal was to make it easier to capture images where a white background was required.

Import STEP files with Batch+

VBA macro to import STEP files and save as SolidWorks files using a subfolder with the same name

Author: Eddy Alleman

Context situation:

Suppose we have hundreds of STEP files, all in the same folder from our supplier.
We want to build a library out of them to reuse again and again in our designs.
To keep the files well separated one from another, we want each STEP file exported in a separate folder per type.

Set Imagequality Coarse

Setting ShadedImageQualityCoarse in user preferences of the active document using SOLIDWORKS API

description: SolidWorks VBA Macro to set the Shaded Image quality to coarse in Part and Assembly files. Also the checkmark "Apply to all referenced part documents" is set to ON if the active document is an assembly.

Author: Eddy Alleman

When working in large assemblies, there are document options you can set when you want your files to be saved as light as possible:


intro text

SOLIDWORKS VBA macro to copy preselected faces

description: SOLIDWORKS VBA macro to copy selected faces by calling the "Surface Offset" feature with distance 0

Author: Eddy Alleman

This VBA macro creates a new surface feature from selected faces in a part file. Thus duplicating the selected surfaces and giving it a predefined color.

This can be usefull if you want to reuse existing surfaces and don't want to consolidate existing ones.